Platinum Package

INCLUDES: Fully custom reports  |  Dedicated customer service representative  |  Ticket resolution with development team  |  Ability to export data via CSV for 3rd party analysis

per year/user, billed annual

Large Business/Enterprise Class License:

  • Term: 3 to 5 years depending on User’s needs.
  • Cancelation: Not prior to end of contract.
  • Training: Up to 10 hours of training/year is included via web-conference AND optional on-site training.
  • Support: Email support AND phone support is included AND you will work with a dedicated representative.
  • Issue Resolution/Ticketing: Included. Ticket resolution allows for direct communication of issues with our development team.
  • Renewal: Negotiated prior to the end of contract.
  • Updates: Automatic updates of software and tools as well as updates related to compliance are included. Substantive updates will be presented before integration.
  • Included Tools: 
    • KeyLock Comparable Sales Database with customized sales sheets
    • KeyLock Appraisal Reporting Tools: customized reports with various export options
    • Evaluation Reporting Product
    • Fully custom reports
    • Appraisal Workflow Management Tool
    • Integrated GIS tool for data visualization and search
  • Negotiated Services:
    • Additional customized reports for appraisal and comparable database outputs
    • Limited Scope Appraisal Product
    • Appraisal Review Product
    • Transition from legacy systems to KeyLock systems
    • Additional Training (use of technology, implementation, management)
    • Development of additional reports, tools, applications or GIS functions
    • Integration of statistical analytical tools