Appraisal Software Made Simple

Tailored to the needs of the Agricultural Lender and Agricultural Appraiser — A single source for everything related to your Appraisals and managing your workflow, in a secure, cloud-based environment.

The Keylock Solution Provides…

+ Workflow Management Module is a start-to-finish system for Lenders and Appraisers to generate and track Appraisals and orders
+ One-time data entry – order information populates into Eval and Appraisal reports
+ Free Workflow Management Account to Approved Appraisers

The Keylock Solution Provides…

+ Modules for Comparables, Evaluations, & Appraisal
+ Comparable search by map identification location, transaction, or physical attributes
-Export data to Appraisal or Evaluation Reports
-Export data to PDF or Customized Word Doc Reports
-Export data to CSV file
+ Integrated GIS mapping tool for:
-County parcel shape files
-USDA Soil Survey data & various basemaps
-Public Land Survey System
+ Archives for supporting documentation & images on secure MS Azure platform
+ Capability for users to collaborate on creating and editing records
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Workflow Management Module for Lenders & Appraisers

+ A straight-forward, user-friendly system with GIS county shape-file mapping to assist in gathering information seamlessly to create appraisal orders and manage workflow.
+ Operates from Client-to-Appraiser, or from Appraiser-to-Client with auto-generated email notifications and letter of engagement.
+ Prompts user to create an appraisal order with sufficient information and supporting documentation to get faster bid responses from Vendor Appraisers.
+ Functions in a multi-tiered RFP environment or allows the user to Engage Directly without going through the RFP process.
+ Allows Vendor Appraisers using the KeyLock Solution system to save the appraisal order as an appraisal record, eliminating redundant form data entry. Approved Appraiser-Vendors not licensed with the suite of KeyLock Solutions Modules can sign up to use the workflow module for free as a service to our Appraiser Contractor customers.
+ Creates an environment to plan work and travel efficiently. The dashboard shows RFP opportunities; Pending Bids; Bids Awarded, and Jobs in Progress with dynamic ESRI Location Map of each.

Comparables Module

+ Create and maintain a proprietary database of comparable sales and leases with supporting PDF, JPG and PNG documentation and images; searchable by criteria or map. Integrated with GIS mapping.
+ Select the comparables you wish to use and sales sheets are integrated into your Appraisal Report (generated as a MS Word doc) with data generated into MS Excel files to complete land mix determinations and sales grid sheet adjustments, timber data, improvement adjustments, etc.

Appraisals & Evaluations Modules

+ Create an Appraisal or Evaluation record with all pertinent information and documentation required to complete the Appraisal or Evaluation – all with one-time data entry.
+ KeyLock then generates a professional, customized, regulation-compliant Report – using   Word   and   Excel – for presentation to   the client in both printed and digital formats.

Land Management Module

+ Developed for use by Land Managers, Land Trusts, Bank REO Departments or Land Tenants to maintain land ownership or land lease information.

Contacts and Library Modules

+ The Contacts Module provides a database of the people the user interacts with, such as Approved Appraisers (by county and state), Clients, Title Offices, County Offices, Realtors, etc. Can be shared with the office, or kept confidential.
+ The Library Module provides a convenient   repository for commonly-used   documents such as Appraiser Bios and Certifications,   Market Area   Descriptions, Commodity Markets, etc. Documents can be shared with the office or uploaded as confidential.